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Gyan Mudra


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Kelly Barraza

I LOVE, love yoga and Pilates. I have been a student since September 2009. In mid-2010, I decided to attend teacher training in hopes I would own a studio one day. I started weekend teacher training in January 2011. Teaching is a great feeling, and I love helping people. In the last year, I have focused on fitness partnered with nutrition, exploring the power one can have over their body and, in turn, their mind. Pilates helps complete the circle by applying intentions towards the core (inside and out). I can't believe I have been teaching for almost 11 years and now own my studio! I look forward to what the future has to offer.

Sonia Azad, Instructor at Harmony Yoga and Health

Sonia Azad

Sonia is a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) through Yoga Alliance. She holds a separate 200-hour certification specific to meditation, which is also recognized by Yoga Alliance.  Sonia has practiced yoga and meditation for more than 20 years. Her introduction to Kundalini yoga came during her time in the dance department at The University of Texas at Austin.  Since then, Sonia has practiced various forms of yoga, lineages of meditation and purification ceremonies around the world.  Yoga is the perfect balance to Sonia's intense work as an early morning health & wellness television broadcaster for WFAA. 

As an instructor, Sonia encourages students to unlock their own mental and physical strength, ease into flexibility on and off the mat, and stay open to learning and growing.  Sonia's style of teaching ranges from gentle yin-style movement to a more vigorous vinyasa flow.  She believes that through consistent practice, students can learn to live with more presence, patience, gratitude and courage.  A lifelong lover of learning, Sonia has completed additional coursework in: yin, AcroYoga, Transformational Breathwork & Gong/ Sound Healing.

Bonnie Harris, Instructor at Harmony Yoga and Health

Bonnie Harris

Bonnie was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Dallas Texas. Growing up in the Dallas area, Bonnie lived with her loving and supportive parents and sister. Throughout her life, Bonnie spent her summers on the New Hampshire seacoast with her immediate and extended family. All this personal history instilled the lasting values of unconditional love, family traditions and a love of the ocean. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A., Bonnie was undecided about a specific career path. 

Upon her return to Dallas, she attended her first hot yoga class. Bonnie was immediately amazed and motivated by the intensity of the yoga workout and the potential for her to have a career in wellness and fitness through yoga. Yoga instantly felt real, natural, and empowering. She quickly enrolled in, and successfully completed, a stringent 500-hour yoga teacher certification training. For the past 7 years, Bonnie's professional and personal priorities have centered around yoga and fitness to achieve a better quality of life.

Myla Johnson

Myla Johnson

Myla was a hardcore long-distance runner competing in 50 and 100-mile races until she developed a health condition related to running, and an ER doctor suggested yoga to balance her body, physically and mentally. Her practice began with Iyengar in 2007 but eventually she fell in love with Ashtanga and Vinyasa. After 4 years of regular practice, she decided to get her 200 Hour YTT certification and it's one of the best decisions she ever made. Blending unexpected moves into traditional yoga poses, she loves to find creative ways to link the movement while staying true to the breath. Her goal is for people to feel better and lighter (physically and mentally) when they leave her classes, and with consistency, lead to stronger, more flexible and healthier bodies. 


Born and raised in the Midwest, she landed in Dallas after living on the West Coast. When not working, teaching and practicing her own yoga; she’s running, mountain biking, rescuing stray dogs and playing fetch with her 4 rescued German Shepherds.

Stephanie Young, Instructor at Harmony Yoga and Health

Stephanie Young

Light your candle and enjoy its flame - see the beauty. Know the obstacles have been truly cleared - find the sweet things of life. Celebration to the little things. Be warm - always find comfort in your path. Let time be your strength - if necessary, make changes as soon as possible. Know that you are loved and I am here for Your Yoga Journey today and always. I have been trained by the renowned Baron Baptiste.

Daniela Granell, Instructor at Harmony Yoga and Health

Daniela Granell

Daniela is a Dallas based yoga instructor with a passion for energy work, healing, and movement. Daniela first found yoga when she was looking to assist her pain due to scoliosis. Through her practice, she found yoga helped heal not only physical pain, but also helped improve her posture, stress management, increased energy, and overall quality of life.  Daniela provides experience with vinyasa, powerful flows, and yin. Her classes will leave you feeling uplifted, energized and inspired.

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Laura Ramos

Laura is a Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT-200. She is from Chihuahua, Mexico, and has lived in Texas for 6 years. She started to practice Bikram Yoga in January 2016, as a new year resolution and immediately felt the benefits of the practice in the mind and body. 


Laura found in Yoga UNION between breath and movement, breath and body, breath and soul. She found herself in the breath, in the silence of the mind. She really loves to practice all kinds of yoga and check out different teachers, as there is always something new that she learns. With that in mind, Laura recognizes the advantages of trying different yoga styles, that’s why she decided to include in her teaching a variety of classes, taking into consideration the student needs, her teacher’s lessons, and her individual practice.

Laura is also very enthusiastic about her career in international trade, for 12+ years she has supported companies to move goods all over the world.


Nicole Cruz

Nicole Cruz is a Puertorrican born and raised Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Women Circle Facilitator, and Intuitive Energy Guide. She found Yoga while battling a sharp pain in her low back, and instantaneously fell in love with both the physical and mental practice. Two years after initiating her practice, she decided to do her 200-hour certification and started teaching right away. Her focus is in Dharma Vinyasa Yoga. 


For many years she was out of the mat battling chronic myofacial pain, but during the Pandemic she found her way back to a more conscious practice that works for her, and is eager to start teaching again. Her biggest passion is guiding others to heal and sharing her knowledge. In April of 2021, she moved back to Dallas for the second time and decided to start her own business, Womoon Healing, where she helps other women awaken their feminine energy and heal from the womb space. 


Come practice with Nicole! You will find structure and flow, movement and stillness, and an aligned practice that you can tailor to your own day-to-day needs. 

Jen Broyles pic.jpeg

Jen Broyles

Jen Broyles is a Transformational Health Coach and Breathwork Guide who helps who helps individuals release anxiety, stress, and limiting thought patterns, so they can activate confidence, healing, and peace in their life. She blends a variety of healing modalities including breathwork, neurosomatic techniques, mindset, nutrition, spirituality, and plant therapies to guide clients through the ultimate transformative experience.


Jen is especially passionate about facilitating breathwork journeys as breathwork has played a major role in her personal healing and transformation. Breathwork is the key to your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being. It’s the key to your creativity, your intuition, living in a flow state, living authentically, and living in pure joy. There is something about breathwork that changes our mindset. We experience more clarity, less reaction, more response. We can deal more effectively with stress. We feel happier and more hopeful. We start to see the best in the world and others.

That’s what Jen found to be true in her life, and she loves to share this practice with others. Come experience breathwork with Jen!

Charry Morris pic2.jpeg

Charry Morris

As a 10 year professional soccer player, Vail ski pro, soccer and tennis coach, and Yoga instructor since 1999, Charry embodies this principle: Seek Joy and Share Laughter.

Meditating since middle school, lucid dreaming since college, introduced to Yoga through her soccer coach for injury prevention, practicing Kundalini Yoga while playing soccer in Japan, Charry was ordained by Sri Andrei Ram over a decade ago to share the practical wisdom of the traditional Yoga science.


Charry’s nickname is “Captain” because her dharma is to prepare individuals for their own radical, internal, metamorphosis.
Charry offers a unique, alchemical blend of poses, breathwork, and concentration which deliver a concentrated, medicinal tonic to the mind and body. 

Angelyn Hinze pic.jpeg

Angelyn Hinze

Angelyn is a 200 hr certified yoga instructor who specializes in Yin and sound bowls. She began her yoga practice in 2018 and was drawn to the empowering and healing elements of the practice.


Her favorite part of teaching is creating a safe space for students to express themselves and practice self care. Outside of the yoga studio, Angelyn loves playing pickleball, hanging out in the pool, and spending quality time with friends. 


Foundational Flow

New to Vinyasa? Wanting to advance your practice? This foundational class will breakdown the traditional poses and transitions of a Vinyasa flow class. Focus on proper alignment, strength and openness of your body.

All Levels Vinyasa Flow

These flows are dedicated to all bodies that walk in the room. Haven't done yoga too much? We got the perfect flow for you. Heavy on the cues, gentle on the movement, and intentional with the sequencing. 

Vinyasa Flow (60-min)

Want to get your mid-day zen?  Make sure to come swing by and dive into your body for a 60-minute rejuvenating vinyasa flow.

Vinyasa Flow (75-min)

A 75-min class to get the body moving and grooving. Another fun class if you want to get out of your head and into your body.

Gentle Flow & Meditation

A very gentle flow to soften the tension in the mind and the body, followed by a nice and soothing meditation.

Soft Flow into Deep Stretch
A candlelit, slower-paced flow class to calm the mind and body. Followed by a deep stretch to gently release any tension within the body.
Deep Stretch

A slower-paced class to deepen the poses as you flow through. To dive deeper into muscles and release tension within the body. 

Yin Yoga

An evening of Yin and Sound. Experience total relaxation and mental reset as you are lead through a series of stretches ending in a heavenly sound bath. Each stretch is held for approximately 2-3 minutes. Benefits include increased circulation and relaxation and mobility, improved sleep, and emotional clarity.

Guided Breathwork & Meditation

Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit with ancient breathing techniques combined with transformative music and guided meditation. This revolutionary meditation experience is highly liberating while also calming your mind and boosting your health & vitality in minutes.

Foundational Poses of Yoga (Strength & Alignment)

Hatha yoga brings an emphasis on longer posture holds and is great to build foundational strength for your vinyasa class.  Focus is on alignment and form of each posture.

Sunrise Vinyasa

Come join us for an energizing vinyasa flow. An emphasis on intentional sequencing and the coupling of breath to movement will wake up the body and kickstart your day.

Mid-Morning Yoga

Looking for a mid-morning break? Join us for an open format to deepen your practice. Styles to include Hatha, Vinyasa to Yin.


Start your weekend right with a fusion of different styles of yoga, from Foundational to Flow to Deep Stretch. Expect a little surprise with Barre and Pilates moves added in for an uplifting workout.

90-min Fusion

Looking for class variety??  Try our 30-min Foundational Yoga: Strength & Alignment, 30-min Vinyasa Flow: Endurance, and 30-min Pilates: Core.  SIGN UP once to take one, two or all three sessions for a complete body and mind experience.

Complete Core

This 45-min class offers fitness-based exercises to tone up your complete core and body.  Light weights, bands and towel sliders are incorporated for extra resistance.  No shoes needed.

Tone & Tighten

A 45-minute class to work on your core and build strength through fast-paced movements. The perfect class for a quick sweat.

30-min HIIT & Core

Looking to build up your endurance? Try out this cardio blast with core fusion. All bodyweight exercises, no equipment needed. Hand towels and water provided. Wear low-profile shoes for high impact.

Mat Pilates (Strength & Core)

This high-energy, Pilates class is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core (trunk) muscles while also training your arms and legs.  A full body workout that supplements your yoga practice.

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