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Nutritional coaching is extremely successful for those who are ready, willing, and able to make any lifestyle changes. The program is completely individualized for each client based on his or her physical, mental, social, and nutritional background. Together we focus on “Deep Health” – all internal and external factors that impact YOUR health. We don’t do “diets” because they aren’t something a person can follow and enjoy doing for the rest of their life. Instead, the program empowers people to make small changes that eventually change their life forever.

Please join me for a free consultation to get to know YOUR personal goals and start YOUR “Deep Health” journey.

To schedule an appointment, email or Book Online.


Lisa H.

“I’m so glad I found Kelly and Harmony Yoga & Health! Kelly was able to create a nutritional plan which she customized just for me. She explained how to balance my nutrition throughout the day by breaking down what types of foods to eat and what foods to avoid for achieving better health and the weight loss I was seeking. She also pointed out how important sleep and hydration are and gave me a strong foundation for my nutrition as well as plenty of support during our time working together. It is clear that Kelly really knows nutrition and health, and I’m eternally grateful for her guidance and coaching. It was truly invaluable!”
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